13 Things That Indian Girls Are Tired Of Hearing
May 9 , 2014
Sonali Walia
Sonali Walia

When you're a girl in India, you have to listen to a lot of people saying a lot of things. Concerned relatives, over-protective parents and patronising elder brothers, everyone's got some saintly advice or the other to help you get through life and be a sanskaari, successful woman. Well how about this? Nope. We are tired of hearing;

1. “Beta! You should know how to cook!"

What they mean: We've started planning for your marriage.


2. “You must know how to tie a sari & get that drape right."

What they mean: You're definitely getting married. 



3. “Every girl should get married by 25, no matter what!”

What they mean: You're getting married next week. 


4. “ It's not good to hang around with guys all the time.”

What they mean: "What will Mrs. Sharma say?"


5. “Oh! So you're sure you can carry off that short dress?”

What they mean: It appears you have hit puberty.


6. “You look so pretty with long hair!”

What they mean: Get a hair-cut and we'll disown you.


7. “Why are you talking so loudly? You're a lady!”

What they mean: "Mrs. Sharma ke husband kya sochengey?"



8. “Be back by 11!”

What they mean: No boyfriends.


9. “You have become so tan! Why don't you take care of your skin?”

What they mean: "Kal ladkeywaley aa rahey hain."


10. "To whom do you keep speaking to over the phone all night?"

What they mean: We know you have a boyfriend. And we don't like it.


11. "Why are you glued to your phone all the time?"

What they mean: Talking to that boyfriend of yours, eh?


12. " Why are you always so decked up whenever you go out?"

What they mean: Where are your sanskaars?

13. “Ladki jawaan ho gayi hai!”

What they mean: Time to get married. 



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