Jurassic Park is really special to me. Mere minutes into the movie, the captivating experience of the park had me hooked. Now 4 films later, I find myself gripped with a dino-fever so extreme, that only frequent viewings can hope to cure it. But this can't just be me, now can it? If you too, like me, shudder involuntarily every time you hear the iconic opening track of the movie, then you will be most at home with these 10 awesome moments from the film.

1. When the "Gates of Heaven" opened....

... and the joyride began for all of us! 

2. Pretty soon, came a scene that still haunts me at night. *gulps*

"Mommy? Hold me close, please."

3. Soon, this happened & hearts collectively stopped beating.


4. Moments later, my worst nightmare came to life.

"Turn off the flashlight, you stupid girl!!"

5. When physics lessons came with bone-chilling examples like these.

Eff you Steven Speilberg. SRSLY.

6. Shortly after, we cooled off to this gorgeous sight of a shirtless Ian Malcolm.

*Knock, knock*

"Who's there?"

"The man of your dreams, that's who"

7. A little later, a spoonful of jelly ushered in a new chapter of horror.


8. This epic moment when the T-Rex came to the rescue!

Yaaas. Lord. Yaaaaas.

9. Then came a moment of such epic proportions that we still have the chills.

*slow clap* Well done Steven Speilberg, well done!

10. Makes you appreciate the marvels that can come from a fossilized mosquito.

*secretly wants that walking stick for herself*

 No matter how many sequels come to pass, dino-philes will never be wary of the magic of the OG, Jurassic Park.  Now you can catch the Billion Dollar Premiere of the next instalment in the Jurassic Series, “Jurassic World” on Sony PIX this Saturday, on 22nd October, at 1 p.m. & 9 p.m. The dinosaurs are coming to your home and you better be prepared for what is to come. Check out this awesome trailer & experience the chill once again. 

If this has excited you beyond belief, then catch some more of this awesomeness here.