Virender Sehwag's funda in cricket has been pretty straight forward. See ball, hit ball. There isn't much thinking involved and that has probably made him who he is today. A legend. When he used to hit 'em, they used to stay hit. I think that's the mantra he follows in life too, or at least on Twitter. See news, tweet news.

Don't get me wrong, some of his tweets are so funny that they will floor you. But some are just out there because, why not?

Having said that, here are 10 times Sehwag won our hearts on Twitter even after hanging up his boots:

1. Now that's a winner!

2. He wished, respected and trolled Pakistan's cricket legend, Zaheer Abbas, in the same tweet.

3. Speaking of trolling Pakistani's, he couldn't leave behind his frenemy, the Rawalpindi Express.

4. If only Serena could read this.

5. Wishing his ex-Delhi Daredevil teammate on his birthday. That's a compliment only Delhiites will understand

6. Say goodbye to those boring no smoking ads before movies. This is the real deal.

7. Now that's how you wish your captain. And don't miss the hashtag!

8. Speaking of super cool hashtags. I bet this motivated Saina a lot!

9. Trolling KKR's bowling attack.

10. In the end, we leave you with sound advice.

Viru is the Sultan of Twitter now!