Only when you thought that Munni Badnaam was the perfect party-starter, there was a bhakt somewhere who improvised on the lyrics and turned it into the perfect jagraata starter. What we have for you here is a list of sassy bhajans, inspired (if not copied) from popular Bollywood songs which will not only hail your devotional spirits but also up your game at the next jagraata that you attend.

3. The one time when he became a serial-worshiper.

4. When the Sone ki Babydoll goes broke, she turns to the Gods.

6.  That's the state of trance, beautifully explained right there!

8. This is when Ambe Maa's 'Dhanush' discovered that he could sing.

10. Dil ka rishta with maiyya, fo'lyf!

All we can say is that this is probably the only time someone took 'Jai Mata Di, Let's Rock!' seriously, literally and religiously. *Heads out for a Jagraata*