Last week, after watching numerous web series, I stumbled on a dramedy called, Humorously Yours. The timing couldn't have been more perfect because I was literally hunting for a light-hearted comedy. After Pitchers, Permanent Roommates, and Tripling, TVF is back with its another gem of a series.  The show revolves around a guy, Vipul Goyal, who wants to make it big in life. It also comprises the guest-appearances of our most loved stand-up comedians which added a spark to the show. I watched, loved, and went gaga about how it was much more than a light-hearted dramedy. Here are the lit incidents from the show which are bound to make you more than just laugh.

1. When in doubt, change the subject.

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Kavya (Vipul's wife) asks her husband to soak Toor Daal, and he, completely clueless, has no idea what Toor daal looks like. Even Google failed to help him. So, he masks his ignorance with a hint of sophistication by stating that he is only familiar with their English names. Tables turn over when Kavya knows their names in English, and leaves Vipul speechless. And, hence he plays a touché move by changing the subject entirely. 

2. Vipul just dropped some truth bombs about every family WhatsApp group ever.

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Nothing makes us cringe more than family WhatsApp groups. They bombard our phones with innumerable pointless notifications of Good Morning texts, forwarding chain messages and what not. Since, Vipul gave us all the right feels in this poem, I want you check his entire stand-up performance here

3. When the maid got legit reasons to bunk.

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Well, arguing with your maid about the leaves she take usually ends up in firing her. But, our very own gullible Vipul, on the other hand, ends up rehiring her with a raise, which he likes to call it 'a joining bonus'. 

4. When you literally run out of words to motivate others.

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This is one of the best scenes in the show. In this scene, Tanmay Bhat is exercising with all his spirit where the abuses by his trainer was his only adrenaline he can rely upon. Eventually, everything goes haywire when Vipul runs out of words. Apart from Tanmay Bhat, the show is also peppered with wacky gyaan-giving cameos by stand-up comedians like Kanan Gill, Abish Mathew, Sapan Verma, Zakir Khan, Varun Thakur, and Kenny Sebastian. And believe me, when I say they are like a cherry on top in this oh-so-hilarious ride.

5. When Tanmay revealed why he really hates performing in corporates.

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Tanmay's reason to loath and loathe for performing in corporates is perhaps, the fastest way to travel from Goa to Gurgaon. Poor Tanmay was insisted to perform the wordplay, where the half-naked Russian chicks already played a foreplay (not literally, of course) on his audience and left him high and dry. 

6. Speaking of the wordplay, Humorously Yours is the MVP!

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This could be, perhaps, one of the most hilarious veggie-puns, I've ever come across. The incredible exchanges between the characters are bound to leave you grinning till the end. Take a bow, Humorously Yours, you've just earned a huge fan! 

7. Bhushi proved that he isn't as dumb-witted as he seems to be.

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Not only he proved that he is one heck of a loyal friend, but he also stood up for all the artists that quality of their magnum opus should never be underestimated in monetary terms. Personally, Bhushi reminds me of Joey Tribbiani -- absurdly amusing, eats like a glutton, and last but not the least, a gem of a person to adore. 

8. When Bhushi proves that he is an incredible role-model.

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Okay, so, Bhushi has a healthy relationship with food, proud of who he is, great at motivating others, speaks for everyone, just a little bit vain, good at reading people, not afraid to speak his mind. And last but not the least, has his life sorted. The 3 W's. So, if you wanna lead a simple and happy life, look no further than our very own Bhushi.

9. Incredible comebacks like these are simply GOLD!

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Witty comebacks adds spice to any conversation just like our #SaltBae. Throughout the series, the exchanges between Vipul and Kavya, are beyond adorable. On the other hand, they leave no opportunity to roast each other in a friendly way. Come on, it's a relationship goal to die for! *heart*

10. Vipul and Kavya, oh, the best bits of Humorously Yours.

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Oh, yes! Because they look up to each other at rough times, support each other's dreams, know how to make each other laugh and prove that best relationships are those that work as a team. Vipul and Kavya are simply #GoalsAF. So, do yourself a favor, watch Humorously Yours on TVFPlay.