Do you know what's common between nailing a headshot in Counter-Strike and scoring a screamer in FIFA? Ask gamers and they'll tell you that it's all about the unholy pleasure that you get with both of them. The elation and the joy that follows this is next to none! While some may say that it's child’s play, only a few people like us know that when it comes to gaming, nothing (absolutely NOTHING) is child's play. From unlocking achievements to finding hidden treasures, here are 10 little joys life that means the world to our clan:

1. When you eliminate a camper with a headshot, like a BOSS!

2. When you literally OWN every-freaking-one on a Deathmatch server!

3. The moment you realise that there is a VR lounge near you!

And knowing that you are crazy about VR, you will not skip a chance to head over to the state-of-the-art VR lounge at PVR Cinemas with Omen by HP, at the DLF Mall of India, Noida. 

4. When you score a 90th-minute winner against your best friend in FIFA and rub the celebration in his/her face!

5. When you successfully 'bullet-time' all the enemies.

6. When you break your own high score!

7. When you remember the exact date of all the steam sales!

8. When you perform the picture-perfect drift and realize that this is what you were born to do.

9. The moment when you successfully evade the police in a high-speed chase. 

10. When you kick your opponent's ass in Mortal Combat and get to see the sinful fatality cut scene.  

If the little things above brought a smile on your face, then you know what it means to be a true gamer! And if you call yourself one, then you will also know that HP has launched an entire gaming range with Omen by HP. With Intel® CoreTM i7 Processors, this range will be true game changers. So do yourself a favour and check out these cool machines right here. 

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