If you're someone who has a weakness for those little pockets of meat (or veggies, if that's what you're into), this really is the time to be alive. Have 'em steamed, fried or tandoor-ised, they're always an absolute delight.

A new food chain that goes by 6Pack Momos, is all set to revolutionise the way Indians experience momos.

Source: Indian Food Recipes

The chain will station momo carts at various locations in India, all equipped with LED menu displays and Wi-Fi hotspots. Not only this, they will be armed with momo-making machines that can churn out as many as 10,000 momos in an hour.

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Owners of 6Pack Momos - Divy Kohli, a momo-enthusiast, Jahaan Khurana, a food-chain veteran and Deepak Dhingra, an entrepreneur from Hong Kong - have travelled the world one momo at a time and come together to dispel the misconception that the delicacy can only be enjoyed at its best in the luxury of fancy restaurants.

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Well, I'm sure I speak for all other momo-heads out there that we simply cannot wait. *gets ready with a bowl of chilli chutney*