Iron carries oxygen throughout the body and its deficiency can lead to headaches, fatigue, hair loss and low haemoglobin levels. 

Here are 12 food items that you can include in your daily diet to boost your haemoglobin level.

1. Beetroot (100 g serving= 0.8 mg iron)

High folate content in beetroot is best for improving haemoglobin levels in the body. 

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2. Red meat (100 gm serving= 2.7 mg iron)

Red meat is also rich in zinc, protein and Vitamin B which is known to cure the iron deficiency. 

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3. Liver (100 gm serving= 9 mg of iron)

Organ meat is high on nutritional value. It's good for increasing haemoglobin levels and keeping the brain healthy. 

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4. Chickpeas (1 cup serving= 4.74 mg of iron)

Chickpea also improves cholesterol levels and lowers blood pressure. 

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5. Spinach (100 gm serving= 3.6 mg of iron)

Being rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, spinach makes absorption of iron easier. 

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6. Broccoli (100 gm serving= 2.7 mg of iron)

Vitamin C and Vitamin K present in this cruciferous vegetable make it incredibly nutritious. 

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7. Potato (1 small potato= 2.7 mg of iron)

This vegetable is extremely rich in Iron and vitamin C which makes it a good source of haemoglobin. 

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8.  Prawns (100 gm serving= 3 mg iron)

This delicious seafood is best for satisfying your daily intake of iron. 

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9. White rice (1 cup serving= 7.97 mg of iron)

You can switch between white and brown rice, both of which are high in iron content. 

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10. Mushrooms (100 gm serving= 2.7 mg iron)

Oyster mushrooms are an incredible source of iron. 

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11. Dark chocolate (1-ounce serving= 3.3 mg iron)

Dark chocolate is not only delicious, it also has prebiotic fibre and other minerals to improve gut health. 

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12. Apples (1 medium apple- 0.31 mg iron)

Apples are storehouses of iron which is why they turn brown when left open after cutting. 

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