Periods come with a lot of hassles and cramps are probably at the top of the list. But all periods need not be painful. Here is a list of tactics that have proven to be effective in dealing with menstrual cramps and reducing the pain that can otherwise be crippling at times. 


1. Move a hand and shake a leg a.k.a mild exercise 

Why: Research shows that working out helps release the 'feel good' endorphins that are also responsible for getting rid of painful cramps and uplifting the mood.

Try: Aerobics and stretching exercises.

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2. Heat things up, apply a heating pad 

Why: Applying a heating pad or a hot water bottle on your abdomen can do wonders because heat can help relax muscles and the same has been backed by research

Try:  Heating pad, hot bottle water, a hot shower or a warm towel. 

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3. Check what you ea, follow a healthy diet

Why: During periods, most of us end up indulging in junk food that is unhealthy. Research shows that avoiding junk like chips, burgers, sugar and pasta can reduce inflammation and pain. 

Try: Having food rich in omega-3 fatty acids, almonds, leafy greens and tomatoes. 

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4. Water water everywhere, have some to drink 

Why: Drinking about 8-10 glasses of water everyday during your periods can reduce bloating and ease the pain. You should avoid alcohol as it promotes dehydration in the body.    

Try: Having water with some lemon and mint, try natural fruit juices, ginger tea. 

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5. Say no to caffeine

Why: Avoiding caffeine can reduce menstrual pain. Caffeine can be found in tea, soda, chocolate other than just coffee. If you are a daily consumer of caffeine try reducing the dose slowly to avoid withdrawal symptoms. 

Try: Having smoothies that rich in antioxidants like berries and greens. 

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6. Touch with love, massage using essential oils

Why: Aromatic essentials oils have compounds that can relieve menstrual pain as shown in various studies. It was found that the pain reduced from 2.14 days to 1.8 days after massaging the lower tummy with essential oils. Massaging can also increase the blood circulation. 

Try: Diluting essential oils like lavender, sage, cinnamon with unscented cream or lotion in order to avoid skin irritation.

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7. Try herbs for relieving pain 

Why: Certain herbs are effective for reducing inflammation and relieving pain during periods. Remember to consult a doctor before trying herbs, as some herbs may not be suitable for all women. 

Try:  Black cohosh, turmeric and chasteberry. 

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8. Try accupressure, it's been known to work

Why: Applying the right pressure at the right points can reduce menstrual cramps as it improves blood circulation. A practitioner can show you where the trigger points are and how to apply pressure on them to get the desired results. 

Try: Applying pressure on the right points in your feet, abdomen and back. 

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9. Sleep like a baby aka get quality sleep

Why: Sleeping well can keep menstrual cramps away. Research shows that women who had insomnia experienced severe menstrual cramps and pain. 

Try: Sticking to a daily routine, try different positions to sleep in. 

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10. Add magnesium to your diet 

Why: Research has shown that magnesium can hep reduce cramps and relive pain because magnesium can regulate functioning of nerves and muscles.

Try: Having an ounce of almonds or boiled spinach. 

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11. Give herbal tea a try.

Why: Research shows that certain herbal teas can act as estrogen boosters which can reduce menstrual discomfort. 

Try: Chamomile tea, fennel tea. 

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12. Pop a safe painkiller

Why: Some doctors advise moderate use of pills that soothe menstrual pain and reduce bloating. Keep in mind, before trying out a pain killer always consult a doctor. 

Try: Advil or Naproxen. 

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These tips will surely ease your pain, so try it out without any further delay because... Girls, we are worth it!!