India's statue craze is taking over and now the South has joined the club. According to reports, the Karnataka government is going to build a statue dedicated to Mother Cauvery which will stand tall at 125-feet. 

Source: Times Now

It will be built near Krishna Raja Sagar reservoir in Mandya district, 90 kms from Bengaluru.

Source: Karnataka

That's not all. The reports also mention that a museum complex will be built around the statue with two 360-feet tall glass towers which will provide a view of the KSR reservoir. A bandstand, an indoor stadium and a replica of historical monuments will also be built. The idea behind this is to boost tourism.

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According to more reports, activist groups are blaming the government for not doing anything to curb illegal sand mining around river Cauvery that is causing damage to the environment.

This statue is being made to honour river Cauvery which is the lifeline for three states in the south – Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The statue will show Mother Cauvery holding a pot out of which water will flow down continuously. 

Source: India Times

Reportedly, 400 acres of land is required for the project to be successful, all of which would cost around Rs 1200 crores.

Further reports also mention that along with this statue, a smaller statue of Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar is also being planned.

Source: The News Minute

This news has come after the Statue of Unity was inaugurated in Gujarat last month and is now the tallest statue in the world. The statue's total cost came down to almost Rs 2900 crores.

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