“Man... I need to shave.”,

He said looking at his bearded face in the mirror. He had spent months cultivating his glorious mane to perfection. But suddenly, today, he looked at himself and realized that underneath all that glory, his face may be begging to come out. Little did he know that his mind will be clouded with endless thoughts from the moment he picks up his razor.

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*Stares at his bearded face in the mirror for an hour as mind begins to wander*

1. I still remember that day two months ago when I stopped shaving.

2. I think I can be a beard model now. They have beard models, right? 

3. But will anyone even recognize me? I mean, they all look the same.

4. Plus, I haven’t felt a cool breeze on my face in a really long time.

5. Anyway, my girlfriend is one lucky girl to have this face in her life. But can she even see it?

6. Everyone keeps using my beard as a subject of conversation

7. And, you know, it IS getting incredibly difficult to manage.

8. Come to think about it, I did really enjoy shaving when it was part of my everyday morning routine. Mornings felt fresh and smooth! 

9. Ok, you know what. It’ time. Today is the day. C'mon, I can do this...

10.  Besides, I don't really need to shave my entire face.

*Shaves cheeks; keeps just a french beard* 

11. Wow, Classy! I didn't think I'd look this cool!

12. Next time, some other look!

13. Watch out ladies, there’s a new hottie in town!

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And the very next day, he walked the walk of pride among his friends and colleagues. With every compliment, he became more and more sure that beards may be cool and manly but shaving has its own place in a man’s life. 

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