While we all have our ups and downs, as girls, they are that much more. From outfit problems to bad hair days and period cramps, we battle it all out like it's Sparta! Sometimes we are armed, sometimes we aren't. And we all have different ways to express our disappointment!

For us, if there's one person who can perfectly describe these 'girl problems', it has to be Emma Stone. Her quirky expressions and goofy antics do complete justice when it comes to explaining what we deal with, every single day. 

Need some proof? Here are 16 gifs to elucidate our point!

1. Every time you have boy problems and your best friend is working late.

2. Hoarding sexy lingerie and never wearing it.

3. Taking off your heels and walking barefoot, 15 minutes into every party.

4. Every time someone asks "Are you PMSing?" because they can't handle your attitude.

5. When you meet annoying aunties who have nothing better to do than planning your marriage.

6. When you meet that one person who always looks perfect!

7. When your best friend forgets to wish you on your birthday, sharp at 12 in the night.

8. When you're on a diet and somebody offers you a gulaab jamun (but inside you're dying to eat it).

9. When it's hair-wash day but you're running late for work.

10. When it's no-bra Sunday and your friends want to hang out.

11. Every time a creep approaches you at a bar and all you want to do is sip your Cosmo in peace!

12. For all those times your parents ask "Why are you late?" and you know that they will never, ever understand! 

13. Every time you have to explain the difference between eye-liner and kajal.

14. When your boss catches you bitching about him at work.

15. Every morning when you open your cupboard and ask yourself, "Where are all my good clothes?"

16. Every time you visit the 'Others' folder on your Facebook Messenger.

 Ladies, keep at it. For every dull day, you have Emma!

All the GIFs have been sourced from Giphy