Congested roads and massive traffic is the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of Mumbai. The city as we know today with its high-rise buildings, is the financial capital of the country.

Rewind to 1929, and you'll see while nothing much has changed in the city, a lot has still changed.

YouTuber Guy Jones uploaded a video of Mumbai in January 1929 and it shows how the city has always been bustling with life.

Throw in a billion cars, buses, and bikes, in the place of bullock and horse carts, and you'll see that the place hasn't changed a bit in the last 90 years.

Even in these crowded streets, the people don't seem to be frustrated and tensed.

Rooted in their culture, most of the people on the streets are dressed up in traditional Marathi costumes.

That seems to be the traffic police regulating the movement, both of the people and the vehicles.

This barber sitting in the streets, surrounded with people and gossiping while he is at work is the simplicity Bombay was immersed in.

People bargaining with the fruit vendors seemed so much fun.

The laundry scenes though.

When this video was filmed, the videographer must not have thought that it will become so important to us. Because we can now get an idea how India looked like 100 years back.

You can watch the full video here.