"I don't have anything to wear!" You are standing in front of your jam-packed wardrobe that refuses to stay closed because your stuff keeps trying to accommodate space even on the air surrounding them. But all in vain. And still you find yourself repeating the same words that you just don't have anything to wear. By the looks of it (the wardrobe), that's probably not true. But when you dive into the mess, you realise that it is.

Depressed by the reality, just like most of us, we turned to Google to look for an answer, and were pleasantly surprised to learn about the Capsule Wardrobe trend via an article covered by the Business Insider.

For the uninitiated, the term Capsule Wardrobe was first coined by Susie Faux - a very fine boutique owner from London in the 1970s. Susie picked out essential pieces (clothing/footwear/accessories) of a wardrobe that don't go out of fashion be it any season of the year and explained how these pieces could be teamed with seasonal pieces. Brilliant, isn't she?

Source: Confidence Tricks from Susie Faux

The concept was further popularised in 1985 by Donna Karan, the famous American designer who curated and released a collection of seven work-wear pieces that could be teamed interchangeably.

Source: WWD

Now don't get your wallets out. That's not your cue to buy an entirely new wardrobe. The idea here is to simply declutter the existing one. That's how Courtney Carver started. And see how happy she looks!

Source: bemorewithless

Courtney Carver, unlike most of us, realised that she had too many clothes. She then took up a personal challenge to bring down her wardrobe to just 33 items that she thought were enough to last an entire season. She even started Project 333, a capsule wardrobe website. The website helps you take the declutter challenge yourself so you can learn to make the most out of minimum number of clothes without compromising on style.

Today you'll find numerous fashion bloggers talking and posting videos about this trend online. But what these videos are teaching is the same stuff your mother has been trying to tell you since ages. GET RID OF ALL THE STUFF YOU NEVER WEAR/USE. We better get on to it.