In a country plagued by superstitions, a shocking case of savagery has come to the fore where a four-year-old adivasi girl in Assam was offered as a sacrifice by four people just to retrieve a lost mobile phone, reported New Indian Express.

The barbaric act took place in an Adivasi-majority village, Ratanpur, in Charaideo district in eastern Assam where the girl was allegedly tortured and beheaded by the witch doctor and her hands were chopped off to please the Gods. 

This act of sacrifice was done at the behest of one of the four accused, Hanuman Bhumij, who believed that it would help recover the lost mobile phone of his daughter.

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The incident came to light when the victim, Sunu Godba, who had been missing since October 24, was found dismembered on Monday afternoon. Police said there was no sign of sexual assault on the victim.

After the mutilated body was discovered, police suspect that it is a case of human sacrifice given the manner in which she was killed. What further strengthened their suspicion was a special puja, Hanuman Bhumij performed at his house.

The police have arrested two of the accused, Hanuman Bhumij and Arif Uddin Ali. The other two, including the alleged sorcerer named Gabbar Singh and Ali’s brother Jalal Uddin, are absconding.