Are you busy packing for a trip that you are taking with your close friends over the weekend? I am sure you are going to do some sightseeing, right? So, why not capture the gorgeous beauty and special moments you spend with your friends with a digital camera instead of just taking selfies with your phone camera that might just compromise with the beauty and the quality of the images. Don't go into panic mode, we have your back. Here is a list 5 best digital cameras that you can consider if you have a budget of 20,000 Rupees. 

1. Sony Cybershot H300 : 11,990 Rupees 

Certainly this is an old model but given its specs and price, the H300 has made it on this list. Don't jump to conclusions just yet, okay? This camera offers 35X zoom capability and it boasts of a 20.1 MP sensor. The design and look of this shooter makes it look like a DSLR; it sits comfortably in the hand and grips well too. There is no viewfinder in this camera though, so you'll have to hold this beauty at an arm's length all the time. Well, there are other features like the various Auto Focus modes and an Auto Focus illuminator that gives you sharp, neat photos of objects that at are close. This camera has something for beginners too. It has a full Manual mode that beginners can use to sharpen and enhance their skills. With a 20.1 MP sensor the image quality produced is quite impressive.  Yes, this camera has a Panaroma mode and it comes with good battery life. Sure, there are more cameras available with better features but with this price you can't ask for more. Agreed?

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2. Canon Powershot SX540 HS : 18,399 Rupees

Okay, to start off with, the SX540 HS is an upgraded version of the SX 530 HS. You'll be happy to know, there are some new features in the upgraded version that might excite you. Want to know about the features? Without further ado, this stunner offers 50X zoom and it has a 20.3 MP sensor that does justice to the image quality. Also, it comes with an in-built IS (Image Stabilization) sensor to make sure your photos aren't shaky. Let me tell you a fun fact. The SX540 HS comes with in-built WiFi connectivity and NFC (Near Field Communication) feature in case you want to share and upload images on social media on the go. That's pretty cool, right? The design and look of this camera is simple and classy. I have no complaints regarding the build quality as it grips comfortably. The focusing abilities of this camera doesn't seem to disappoint too. Even in low light situations the focusing ability does its job well. What more do you need? 

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3. SonyCybershot DSC H400 : 20,000 Rupees 

The DSC H400 is a super-zoom camera that offers a 63X MP zoom with a 20.1 MP sensor. Woah! This camera has already managed to grab my attention. Do you want to know another cool feature of this shooter? Well, this camera has a 720p HD video recording feature with stereo sound and a Sweep Panorama mode. Interesting! No brownie points for guessing that the image quality delivered by this shooter is commendable. Extra points to this camera for looking like a DSLR. Need I say more?

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4. Sony DSC WX350 : 18,480 Rupees 

Let me start with a fun fact. One of the key features of the DSC WX350 is that is it the lightest camera in the world with a zoom capability of 20X. You can click steady shots as this shooter comes with an image stabilization system too. This is getting too much to handle already. If you aren't as impressed as me, here's more. This camera is pretty compact as compared to the others in the similar price range. This camera weighs only 164 grams. What! Is that even possible? Want to know how this camera does its job? Well, the Auto Focus system works excellently, even in low lighting conditions. The images produced are of high resolution and the image quality is crisp. To sum things up, all I can say is that the DSC WX350 is ideal for those who travel a lot. 

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5. Nikon Coolpix B500 : 14,230 Rupees

The B500 is a point and shoot camera that comes with a 16 MP sensor and a 40X optical and 80X digital zoom. Also, the body design provides a comfortable hold and grips well in the hand. This camera looks like an SLR but is lightweight which makes it easy to carry around. Just like any other camera in this segment, the Coolpix performs best in bright and clear lightning conditions. What's more? The Auto Focus works flawlessly so, no complaints there. The images produced by this camera comes out with great details and sharp colours. The results can be quite pleasing for a beginner and there is a lot you can do with the Creative Mode. If you are a fan of filters then there is a lot you can experiment with. Oh, before I forget, there is an option of Vibration Reduction that you can opt for if you don't want shaky images. Overall, this camera is will satisfy all your basic needs. Take my word for it. 

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