Are you looking to invest in a good pair of earphones that will deliver sublime audio quality, powerful drive, superior bass and ample loudness? Fret not guys, we have 5 earphones that will impress you. Thank me later, okay? Read on. 

1. Audio Technica CKS550iS : 3,499 Rupees

One of the key features that these pair of earphones have is a powerful bass. It delivers competent audio and offers good performance in the upper frequency ranges. The impressive build adds to its pros, it also features a tangle free flat cable which is a welcome feature. The only drawback the Audio Technica has is that it doesn't come with a hard case or any accessories, which is strange as many others in the similar range do offer accessories. Overall, a decent buy given its price. 

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2. Meelectronics M6 Pro : 2,999 Rupees

Deep lows and pounding thumps without any compromise on the tonal clarity is what this beauty promises to deliver. In one line; great tonal accuracy is what this one has to offer. It comes with accessories and detachable cables that make the M6 Pro totally worth it. So, tap your feet and dance to the tune like you don't care. *Chura ke dil mera...M6 Pro chala* 

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3. Mpow Swift : 2,499 Rupees

These pair of wireless earphones don't just look stylish, they are good value for money too. The audio is clear and comes with good bass. The battery life too doesn't disappoint. So, if you want a smooth and uninterrupted quality audio experience then I recommend these earphones. Settle for the best and forget the rest. Because these earphones have a lot of swag. 

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4. Brainwavz BLU 100 : 3,399 Rupees

Good mid-range frequency, passive noise cancellation and a decent battery life is what makes this one of the top contenders in the wireless Bluetooth earphones category. This hot piece of tech can get REALLY loud and it performs excellently without any hiccups. If this doesn't convince you to buy one right now, I don't know what will. 

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5. FiiO EX1 : 5,000 Rupees

This well constructed undisputed champion is what you need if you believe in true audio fidelity. The bass is incredibly tight and crisp. BTW, the mid-range frequencies feel smooth to hear too. In the looks department, it outshines most earphones in the same price range. It fits the ears perfectly and doesn't hurt which adds to its coolness. Also, it optimizes the tracks beautifully giving you a theater like experience. This one is an under dog that will leave you perplexed. 

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