You know, one of the easiest ways of ruining a perfectly amazing trip is by doing something stupid that you'll end up regretting later. As a tourist, we always want to avoid situations that might involve the police. So  if you're going to visit the Big Apple anytime soon, here are a few rules that you must keep in mind while you are out exploring his lively city that has a lot to offer its visitors. 

1. The legal drinking age in New York City is 21

Please take this rule very seriously. The legal drinking age in New York City is 21 so if you are underage you won't be served any alcohol in bars and restaurants. Liquor is not served in most of the bars and restaurants between 4 a.m. to 8 a.m. There are laws that limit the sales of wine and spirits in liquor stores but you will easily get beer in most of the convenience stores. Now, don't think that you can buy beer from a convenience store and get away with it if you are underage. You will be asked to show an ID proof of some sort that has your date of birth on it. So be careful and don't do anything that might land you in trouble. Also, drinking in public places is considered illegal in New York. 

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2. Smoking is illegal in most places 

Smoking in indoor places like bars, clubs, restaurants and offices is strictly prohibited in New York. This 'no smoking' rule was recently expanded to parks, beaches, pools and other public places that come under the New York City Parks Department too. There are cigar/cigarette bars though, that are exempted from the restriction on smoking indoors. In many places, even e-cigs come under the same restrictions as regular cigarettes which is why they too cannot be used inside. By the way, the taxes on cigarettes are quite high in New York City. 

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3. Doing drugs in public is a serious offense 

Possessing or consuming marijuana in public is considered a serious criminal offense. Doing so can directly get you arrested. However, possession of less than 25 grams of Marijuana is decriminalized in New York. So just stay away from drugs. 

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4. Follow the traffic rules if you're renting a car

It's usually better to cab it or better still, Uber it in New York, but if you really do prefer to drive yoursef around, you should follow all the traffic rules to the T. Avoid making a turn when the traffic signal is red, unless there is a sign indicating otherwise. If there is a red light, avoid taking a left turn or a right turn. You might end up getting a ticket if you do so. Also, remember to pay attention to the street signs and parking meter rules if you want to stay away from getting a parking ticket. 

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5. Avoid using the cellphone while driving 

Do not use your cellphone while driving or you could end up with a texting-while-driving ticket because doing do is illegal. Instead, you should install a hands-free device in your car so that you can pick up calls on the go without being fined. 

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Live it up in New York City!