Just like many other countries in Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka too is a conservative country that takes pride in its traditions and cultural values. This is exactly why you must take note of a few things to avoid doing in Sri Lanka if you want to make your stay safe, memorable and hassle-free in this beautiful island. 

1. Don't turn your back on a Buddha statue

The act of turning your back on a Buddha's statue is considered disrespectful. Even if you want to click a picture, you should be facing the statue. Don't click a selfie with the Buddha statue in the background, okay? 

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2. Ask for permission before you click 

Before clicking a photo, you must ask for permission. Always make sure that it is okay to take a photo of a local. Just don't do anything that will make the locals uncomfortable. You might need a special permit before clicking in the museums and other historical places too. 

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3. Don't get confused by the perpetual head shaking. They are not saying "no." Usually...

In Sri Lanka, locals often shake their head from side to side. The head waggle doesn't mean a 'no.' This is how the Sri Lankans say 'yes' or 'okay.' So, don't blindly think that the Sri Lankans are refusing all the time.  

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4. Don't eat with your left hand

Eating with the left hand is frowned upon. This is because the left hand is seen as 'unclean.' So, please use your right hand while eating. Also, while eating you are expected to use your hands. You will not be given any cutlery along with you food. 

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5.Avoid indulging in PDA 

Holding hands in public is okay but anything more than that is a big no-no. If you still have the urge to steal a kiss, do what the Sri Lankan youth do. Keep an umbrella handy, hide behind it and make it real quick. 

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6. Don't forget to negotiate with tuk-tuk drivers 

Always make sure you get into a tuk-tuk (auto rickshaw) with a meter that is working. Remember to negotiate or haggle with the tuk-tuk driver otherwise you might end up paying double the fare. 

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Sri Lanka is a beautiful and peaceful country; hopefully these tips will help you to make the best of your holiday in this island paradise.