Are you confused about which smartphone to buy under 25,000 Rupees? Don't worry guys, we have done the dirty work for you. Here are 7 smartphones you can consider if a good camera, long battery life and sufficient storage is on the top of your priority list. 

1. Oppo F9

Screen size: 6.3 inch HD display

Camera: 16 MP + 2 MP dual rear camera | 24 MP front camera  

The edge to edge full screen elegant display, ample storage space and a smooth working processor that performs reasonably well under medium usage takes this device up a notch. For all those who love taking selfies, this smartphone is made for you, as it boasts of a 24 MP front camera that will beautify your face in a jiffy. So, overall it's totally worth considering. 

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2. Moto G6 Plus 

Screen size: 5.93 inch HD display 

Camera: 12 MP rear camera | 8 MP front camera 

If good looks, a fairly reasonable camera, fast processor and a great audio output is on top of your priority list then the G6 Plus should make its way on your 'must check out' list.

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3. Xiaomi Note 5 Pro

Display: 5.99 inch HD display 

Camera: 12 MP + 5 MP dual rear camera | 20 MP front camera

The Note 5 Pro is hands down a great phone. Everything about this device will appease you. The sturdy processor, flattering design, good camera and abundant storage space makes this smartphone an ideal buy. That's not all folks, if you believe in multi-tasking, this is the phone you need right now. 

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4. Vivo V9

Display: 6.3 inch HD display 

Camera: 16 MP rear camera | 24 MP front camera 

The beautiful, edge to edge screen display is just too much to handle. Your movie watching experience and gaming experience will never be the same, trust me on that. It is light to hold and works smoothly when it comes to performing everyday tasks without slowing down your device. What more can we ask for?

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Display: 5.5 inch HD display

Camera:  16 MP rear camera | 5 MP front camera

The rugged, sturdy look of this smartphone gives it a bad boy feel. And if this isn't enough, the long lasting battery, phenomenal audio output and other features like the finger print sensor and high resolution display will surely excite you. 

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6. Xiaomi Mi A2 

Display: 5.99 inch HD display

Camera: 12 MP rear camera + 20 MP front camera

This smartphone by Xiaomi promises to cater to all your needs, from a solid camera performance to a smooth processor that works well under mid-range usage, this device will leave you satisfied. Did I forget to mention that this phone has a 128 GB internal storage which is awesome. Need I say more?

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The delicate and premium design of the Nova 3i is definitely going to grab your eyeballs thanks to its metal glass body. It also offers a finger print sensor, face unlock feature and a relatively hardy processor for a lag-free multi-tasking experience. This one definitely stands out in the crowded mid-range category. You get no points for guessing that the camera will definitely give you Instagram worthy pictures. Excited much?

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Which one did you like the best?