While most dream about being successful or going on a foreign trip, my dreams are mostly me wandering in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory or simply relishing the delicious Cadbury Silk. When my cravings reach a fever pitch, I get this urge of leaving behind everything, curling up in a blanket and devouring Silk, savouring the taste of every piece.

Now here's something all Silkaholics would know. How Silk tastes, depends on how you eat it. I mean, whether you spread it all across your fingers and lick it, or if you eat it slowly and relish it for long, each way of eating it brings a unique flavour to it. Since everyone is asking 'How do you Silk', let us tell you 7 unique ways of having it. Read on, and I'm sure you'll relate to it!

1. Making a mess while eating chocolate a.k.a my type of people!

These are the artists and their face and clothes are their canvas. Kudos to these people for going all out with their love for chocolates. I feel you!

2. Spreading it all over the lips and then licking it...chocolate I mean! 

People who lick chocolate from their lips are just like messy people, except their mess is strategic and controlled. I honestly feel that such people have cracked the code to living a happy life. I mean, they've arrived! 

3. Relishing the chocolate bar and savouring its taste for long

All good things come to an end. But you can always make good things last longer. Especially if the good thing is chocolate, I would say take as long as you want and enjoy every second of it!

4. Finishing it off ASAP. Again, What Even?

Are these people even real? Like, I am sure they are, but who would want to finish a chocolate bar within seconds? Whatever happened to 'sabar ka fal meetha'?

5. Dipping fingers in melted chocolate and then licking it

People who judge people who do this don't know how to live! swear, Cadbury Silk tastes 1000 times better when you eat it like this. Now raise your hand if you're guilty of doing this!

6. The ones who share their chocolaty happiness with everyone

Such people are very, very underrated. I mean, I cannot share my chocolate with anyone but when someone else shares theirs with me, I start respecting them a lot more. 

So there you have it, guys! Different ways of eating a Cadbury Silk all of us know of. Oh, and talking about Silk all this time has given me major cravings of my own. 

BRB, guys! This man needs a chocolate right now!