Some 5000 odd years ago, early-civilization humans invented the wheel and made their lives many times easier. There was no looking back after that! Over time, we’ve invented thousands upon thousands of revolutionary tools, equipments and gadgets that kept changing the way we live. Some of the relatively more modern ones became such an important part of everyday lives that it’s all but impossible to live without them. 

These 8 in particular made huge waves:

1) Transistors

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Researchers suggest that the current digital age that you and I are living in, began with the invention of the transistor. Transistors are what brought microprocessors into the picture. That essentially makes the first transistor ever, the granddaddy of all modern computers, servers, LED TVs, iPods, GPS systems and so much more.

2) GPS

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The GPS was initially introduced for military purposes only. It wasn’t until the 80’s that it became part of civilian applications. Today, it helps us feel that much safer on the road, keep a tab on our kids, and even find Chinese restaurants near us. Ultimately, it is because of GPS and its subset, GIS that we have Google Maps, Remote Sensing Applications, and several other applications used by law enforcement agencies, bio-engineers, railways etc, for the betterment of our lives.

3) Elevators

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Now, Kings and Queens had been using manual elevators, powered by their dedicated servants since hundreds of years ago but it wasn’t until 1823, that two Brits named Burton and Hormer invented a steam-powered elevator and took the thing to a ‘new height’. Just imagine if your office was located on the 17th floor and there were no elevators? You would be cursing your employer every day of your life (Though your calves would have been the size of cantaloupes).

4) ATM Machines

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Aaah! A machine that dispenses money. You just give it a little plastic card, press a few buttons and voila... it will give you money! God bless Luther Simjian, the man who invented the machine. If it wasn’t for him, we would still be making trips to the bank to withdraw and deposit cash. We’d also be walking around with wallets that look like bibles because a great portion of our wealth would be inside them as opposed to the bank.

5) Microwaves

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Microwaves are what make midnight instant-popcorn possible. Microwaves are the reason why bachelors and singletons from across the globe are surviving via packet cooking. Before Percy Spencer invented the microwave in 1946, reheating milk on the stove seemed too much of a task, aaloo patties were served cold as ice, and steel utensils were not capable of short-circuiting your entire building. #ThankYouMicrowaves #MicrowaveIsBae.

6) Spectacles

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Researchers predict that half of the world’s population will be nearsighted by the year 2050. Had that been the case before the 12th century, the world would have been in crisis because no one had invented glasses yet. Imagine the horror!

7) The Computer Mouse

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Yet another invention that was originally created for military purposes, a mouse-like device was first invented by Ralph Benjamin during WWII for a fire-control radar system. But it was much later, in 1972 that Bill English invented the ball mouse. Before the mouse, there was no graphics or user interface, and folks had to type in command codes into their MS-DOS run computers, using the keyboard. And here you are, playing 360-degree games on your PC thanks to that awesome and often underappreciated little invention named after a rodent.

8) The Front Camera

The camera was a pretty neat invention in itself. Then someone integrated it with a cellphone and life became awesome. Then someone put another one in the front and the revolutionary selfie was born! And the rest, as they say... is history.

Now when you’re talking about the front camera, you just can’t ignore OPPO, can you? The smartphone manufacturer has been leading the selfie revolution since 2011 and has made waves with one feature after the other. Don’t believe it? Well check out this video and see for yourself: