Ideally, one doesn't need many reasons to watch a movie that has powerful performances from two iconic actors such as Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep. But when it's a movie as interesting as 'The Post', then perhaps, one can talk about the different elements that make this film great. The film talks about Washington Post's decision to publish the government's top-secret study on Vietnam and investigates the importance of freedom of the press, and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

1. It has been directed by one of the best there is in the business.

Source: Variety

When you think of movies that have impacted you then you think of the person who has directed them. Steven Spielberg has won an Oscar for Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan. Apart from these, he has also directed movies like Jurassic Park, Lincon & Bridge of Spies, which have, in one way or the other left their imprint on us. Another such movie, that will definitely leave you awe-struck is his new political thriller, The Post.

2. It talks about America and Vietnam in a way you never really knew.

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This movie is centered around the decision to publish the Pentagon Papers, a study commissioned by the Defense Department which contained information about United States's operations in Vietnam. This top-secret document contained more than 7,000 pages and stated how the American people were misled about the true nature of the business that U.S.A carried out in Vietnam. Scandalous, right?

3. It features The Washington Post & The New York Times locking heads with one another.

Source: Variety

The film revolves around the rivalry between two of the biggest print journals in the United States. In reality, it was The New York Times that broke the story first, but presenting the events from Washington Post's point of view just makes the movie far more compelling. Maybe the fact that Washington Post was the first American company headed by a woman had something to do with this decision. 

4. So if NYT had the story, how did Washington Post publish it?

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Simple, after New York Times released a few documents, a federal judge slapped a restraining order against the paper and prevented it from publishing anything else. That's where Washinton Post sensed their opportunity and tried to get hold of the source who would give them access to all the information. 

5. It shows how a newspaper conglomerate was born amidst the ongoing crisis and it's fascinating. 

Source: NPR

The Washington Post's story on the Pentagon Papers raised its national profile and forced an investigation about Watergate that eventually led to Nixon's resignation. While the movie talks about leadership and scandals, it also signifies the transformation of a newspaper - one that was once called a 'local newspaper' to a force to be reckoned with!

6.  'Coz it's bloody relevant.

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Nixon, the then President of the United States of America didn't want the nation to know the government's secrets and did all he could to keep them hidden even if that meant denying the press access to information and curbing their rights. Sounds alarmingly familiar, doesn't it?

7. It's a must watch for any budding journalist.

Source: Vulture

This movie takes us to a time when the digital news was still a few years away. It explores the traditional methods of gathering news and the effort it took to publish a daily newspaper with limited resources. That alone is a fascinating watch. Couple that with the political turmoil and you literally have fodder that will keep budding pressmen vying for more.

8. Each frame is a treat for the senses that one must experience to comprehend. 

Source: Vanityfair

Machines have a charm and that charm is perfectly captured in the scenes that show newspapers being printed. Apart from that, the way they have set up the city and the characters will make you wish that you could go back in time and just live that life. Hats off to the cinematographer for crafting such a delicious visual treat.

I made a mistake and missed this movie when it was playing in the theatre and I honestly regret it. This movie has all the elements you need to keep the audience mesmerised & on the edge throughout. So, if you feel that this is one movie you have to watch, then you can catch the special screening by &Privé HD of The Post at the Kalaghoda festival in Mumbai on 10th February 2018, at 6:00 PM at Coomaraswamy Hall. And if you cannot make it to the fest, then worry not, the movie will soon hit the TV screens on &Privé HD.