While you may have a hard time resisting that favourite food of yours for the sake of staying healthy, a 99-year-old man from Jharkhand's Sahebganj district eats 1 kilogram of mud every day and still lives a perfectly healthy life.  

Source: aninews.in

Karu Paswan, who claims that he was born in the year 1919, is just 1 year shy of turning 100. His addiction to mud eating tragically began when he was 11-years-old as his family was too poor to afford food.

What began as an act out of helplessness ended up becoming a compulsion. He told ANI: 

I was really frustrated with my financial condition, as I had to feed ten children. I wanted to die and hence started eating mud. But later I developed an addiction to it and now could not refrain myself from having it.
Source: aninews.in

Though his family has tried to stop him from continuing this bizarre habit, Karu Paswan believes that he can't live without eating mud. This weird obsession is believed to be a form of Pica syndrome, in which a person develops an appetite for things without any nutritional value.

Strangely enough, Bihar's Sabour Krishi Vidyalaya awarded Karu Paswan in 2015 for this weird habit.