In an unfortunate incident, a four-year-old boy from Hyderabad died due to suffocation after he wrapped his head and face with a polythene cover, reports India Today.

The incident occurred in Nizampet area of Kukatpally. 

The child, Sriyaan, while playing with a plastic bag in his house wrapped it completely around his face. The polythene blocked his nose and mouth. He soon started to suffocated and tried to take it off but couldn't. 

Source: b'Screenshot/ India Today'

His mother only noticed when he went unconscious in an effort to get rid of the polythene. 

The boy was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where he died during the treatment.

Earlier in March, a four-year-old in Mumbai died of suffocation after he accidently locked himself in a seized stolen car parked outside his house by the crime branch.