There are strange places people call home. One such unusual residence is that of a Delhi man, who has been living on the highly sensitive President's Estate, allegedly without the police's knowledge. And he has been living there for almost 40 years now, out of public gaze. 

No, he isn't any terrorist but a Urdu preacher originally from Baraich in UP. All this came to light when a patrol team caught the old man climbing over a wall on the periphery of the Bodyguard Lines, which is a part of the President's Estate, on Saturday night, reported Times Of India.

Sensing suspicion, a terror alert was issued and the police took the man for an interrogation to the Chanakyapuri police station. Upon questioning, it was found out that the 68-year-old Gazi Norool Hassan had shifted to the President's Estate when he got a job as religious teacher by former president Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed. (the fifth President of India from 1974 to 1977). 

He described how once, while searching for some herbs, he had come across the mazar (mausoleum) and had decided to carve out a portion of the wall to create a home for himself. Admitting that not many people know of the mazar and since there is no proper gate to enter, he has to climb the wall and get inside.

After being probed for 7 hours, he was released when he produced documents including a voter's identity card, passport and a valid electricity connection to the police, reported Hindustan Times

The man also refuted the claims that police did not know about him and told TOI, "I conduct an Urs festival at the mazar every year in March. For the public event, I have to request the police and the Presidential Estate administration for certain permissions. So I wonder how the police did not know I was living here."