Moral policing resulted in a 19-year-old committing suicide on Saturday in the Nadia district of West Bengal.  

Rajendra Kumar Roy was all alone at home with a female schoolmate while they were studying, when both of them were dragged out on to the streets in broad daylight by certain "custodians of morality", reports The Telegraph

One of the accused is a former classmate of the girl.

The group that assaulted the teenagers reportedly hung out a nearby club and were informed of the two being alone inside the house by a neighbour. 

Source: b'File photo of Rajendra Kumar Roy | Facebook\xc2\xa0'

The group wen to Roy's home, "abused and threatened" them with consequences and forced them to write a "confession" of having indulged in immoral activities. They filmed the entire incident and even demanded Rs 10,000 as "fine". A panicked Roy got Rs 4000 and promised to pay the remaining amount in a week. 

After they were both allowed to go, the girl left Roy's home after some time. But she forgot to take her dupatta and Roy used it as a noose to hang himself from the ceiling.

Roy was apparently a bright student, and the girl's mother claimed that he was a "very good boy" whom her daughter often consulted.

Only one of the eight people that have been named in the FIR have been taken into custody by the police so far. The others are absconding.

(Feature image source: Reuters)