A gambler in Kenya went berserk after losing his money, grabbing a sword to kill two casino managers before being stoned to death by a mob, police said Tuesday.

The Tanzanian man flew into a rage after losing some $300 at a casino in Nairobi's Eastleigh district in the early hours of Tuesday morning, and attacked a manager after she refused to lend him cash to continue to play.

He then left the casino and returned with a sword.

"He first attacked a female manager who declined to lend him money to continue gambling -- and that is when he went out to fetch a sword and slashed her to death," Nairobi police chief Japheth Koome said.

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"He then slashed a security manager who tried to intervene and killed him."

Another security officer was wounded, but other gamblers then chased the attacker before beating him to death in the street using rocks.

"By the time our officers arrived, they found him dead," Koome said.

Another gambler in the casino who saw the killings said the attacker was playing a game called jackpot.

"He was not prepared to lose," said the witness, who gave his name only as James.

Gambling is becoming increasingly popular in Nairobi.

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