In what can be termed as a bizarre incident (to put it mildly), a monkey breached the Parliament security, found its way into the library and spent a good 30 minutes before finally exiting through the side of the main gate meant only for VIPs, reports Times Of India

And no, the simian didn't enter the library to imbibe knowledge.

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Nor did it show any signs of studying-up on Darwin's theory of evolution.

The monkey reportedly made a mess of the library, which is adjoining the Central Hall, in a desperate bid to find an exit. The library staff meanwhile kept calling for security to take care of the situation but it fell on deaf ears. 

After 30 minutes of monkey business in the library, it finally found a way out. Meanwhile, the Central Hall doors were immediately shut by the staff to prevent the simian from entering the area where MPs and journalists are usually found in large numbers. 

It reportedly made its way out of the main door and through the green-carpeted corridor which is usually the exit for VIPs. 

This isn't the first time that such monkey business is taking place in Parliament. However, Langurs were kept in the premises to ward off the invading monkeys. 

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But the use of Langurs was done away with in June 2016 and ever since, the monkey menace seems to be on the rise.

The monkeys after learning about the Langurs' departure would've gone something like this:

(Feature image source: Twitter | @timesofindia)