An accident in Gujarat turned into a bonanza for locals on Monday after a small truck allegedly illegally carrying liquor bottles skidded off the road and turned turtle. This gave villagers the chance to pounce on the overturned truck to loot every drop of alcohol it was transporting, reports the Times of India

The incident took place in Samarvada village in Gujarat's Banaskantha district.

According to the report, the news of the accident spread like wildfire and soon dozens of locals turned up at the accident site to grab as many bottles as they possibly could. 

Such was the rush of looters that by the time police reached the spot, they found some broken bottles and the abandoned vehicle, since the driver had also fled. 

Here's what happened after the truck overturned 

Source: b'Locals fleeing with alcohol bottles from the accident-hit vehicle | Source: Twitter'
Source: b'Locals seen jostling with each other to have a hand on a liquor bottle from the abandoned vehicle | Source: Twitter'
Source: b'A man is seen walking away from the accident site after looting different varieties of alcohol bottles | Source: Twitter'
Source: b'A man walks past a truck while checking on some beers he had taken from the abandoned vehicle | Source: Twitter'
Source: b'Two men dragging away a sack full of liquor after pouncing on the vehicle | Source: Twitter'

Feature image source: Representational Image/Reuters