It's a story worthy of a children's book. A tale that talks of friendship. They say that true friends always stick together. This is literally the case with Lulu and Blizzard.

Lulu is a Japanese Chin (Spaniel) who weighs no more than the two salt shakers you keep on your table and Blizzard is a Saint Bernard, who probably weighs just as much as the entire dining table. But their relationship is an inspiring one. It is actually quite similar to the salt shaker and the table, because Lulu goes everywhere perched on Blizzard's back.

The owner David Mazarella says that, "When Lulu met Blizzard for the first time I think she adopted him as a parent." 

He also mentioned that Blizzard's back is where she feels most comfortable. And while Blizzard is the most docile dog, Lulu generally gets her way. Talk about size not mattering, eh?

But the relationship they share is a uniquely inspiring one.

Although it is clear that, like David says, "Lulu wears the pants in the family," it also goes to show the trust the two have in each other.

Just look at them. Chillin' together like villains!

I mean, it looks like Lulu is a permanent backpack that Blizzard is carrying.

Regardless of the weather, they always stick together.

Whether Blizzard is sitting down, lying down or walking in water, Lulu is ever present on his back.

They definitely give friendship goals to the rest of us.

Sometimes, Blizzard sleeps while Lulu keeps watch.

The two dress like each other as well, at times. Probably during festival season.

The direction really doesn't matter when there is beauty all around.

Sometimes, Lulu gives good ol' Blizz a break 

But then jumps right back up.

The two have a dedicated Instagram handle as well. It's called, blizzardandlulu.

They say that good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you they're always there. In this case, Blizz may not see her, but he knows Lulu has always got his back!