We're an increasingly health-conscious generation and I think we all, to some extent, try to keep up with the latest fitness regimes and body trends. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but in extremes, it probably isn't particularly great either. And this disturbing new body trend can potentially push the most trend-vulnerable among us to the very limits.

According to Elle, the 'ab crack' is the latest body-image-crushing trend that's taking the fitness world by storm. In case you were wondering, it is exactly what it sounds like - a vertical crease that appears on uber-flat stomachs.

Source: Instagram via emrata
Source: Instagram via emrata
Source: Instagram via emrata

This is what the world has come to, I suppose. Turns out nothing says 'I go to the gym' like an irrigation ditch down your front.

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With a host of fitness models flaunting theirs, the ab crack is well on its way to becoming the next thigh gap.

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If you're wondering at this new extreme of fitness, 'where do you draw the line?' the answer apparently, is 'right down the middle of your rock-hard torso'.