A few days ago, Reshma Qureshi, a brave acid attack survivor from India, walked the ramp at the New York Fashion Week for designer Archana Kochhar. We applauded Reshma for her courage, determination and will to survive and were in awe of her unfaltering confidence. The 19-year-old is the face of the campaign which aims to stop the open sale of acid in India. 

And now, another acid attack survivor, 28-year-old Laxmi Agarwal, will be walking the ramp at the London Fashion Week! Laxmi is the founder of the NGO Stop Acid Attacks and has been protesting against this vile practice for quite some time now. 

In fact, this isn't the first time Laxmi has represented India at a global platform. She has previously been awarded the International Women of Courage Award for successfully leading a campaign against acid attacks in India, in 2014. She was also felicitated by the First Lady, Michelle Obama, for the same. 

Source: stopacidattacks.tumblr.com

The brave-heart also walked the ramp for the charity event 'Give A Girl A Future' in London on September 12 and looked absolutely stunning in her white attire. 

Source: www.hindustantimes.com

Doesn't she? 

Laxmi was joined by another acid attack survivor, Adele Bellis, at the event who also walked the ramp.

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When interviewed by Times of India about this feat, Laxmi said: 

“I am happy that a message is being sent to women to fight this. Jisne hamare saath aisa kiya tha, isliye kiya tha ki hum chehra chhupaye rakhein, par humein aage badhna hai. (The person who did this to me did it so I’d have to keep my face hidden. But I am moving on.) If walking the ramp and participating in events can inspire people, then it is a good thing.”

More power to Laxmi, Reshma, Adele, and all other survivors of acid attacks around the world. 

You're an inspiration to all!

Masthead Image Source: ohmyindia.com | Feature Image Source: Stop Acid Attacks