Love truly does transcend boundaries and makes people do things that you never thought were possible. You see, love is an exceptionally powerful emotion. It can drive people to the brink of insanity but on the other hand, it can also help produce some of the world's most inspiring pieces of architecture. 

Take for example, our very own Taj Mahal. As far as tributes to loved ones go, we've got a stunning example of what lengths people will go to show their loved ones that they still remember them and how. 

One such tribute that has touched our hearts and hit us right in the feels is the story of Pedro Martin Ureta. Back in the 70s, Pedro and his wife Graciela Yraizoz decided to plant a giant guitar forest on their farmland in Laboulaye, Argentina. While flying over the land that they would one day raise their children on, Graciela made up her mind. The guitar was her favourite instrument and she wanted to immortalize it on their little patch of land. 


It was to be a labour of love for this couple, but tragically before any of this could come into fruition, Graciela passed away in 1977. 

A cerebral aneurysm while she was pregnant with the couple's 5th child caused her untimely death. She was only 25. 


Pedro was filled with grief and forgot about their project, but two years later, in 1979, he picked himself up and started planting trees in that very patch of land. As documented by the Wall Street Journal, Pedro and his children all started planting cypress trees in the shape of a giant guitar.

This was their way of showing their mother that they still remembered her.  

Over the years, the loving family had to replant many of the trees as the saplings were eaten away by wild animals and such. Pedro and his children have continued to maintain this unique tribute to this very day. Their love and deep affection for a woman who changed their lives.


You can actually check out this amazing tribute on Google Earth as well. The coordinates are : 33°52'4"S 63°59'4"W.