BJP leader Subramanian Swamy's brazen and irrational attack on Raghuram Rajan finally bore fruit when the latter said no to a second term as RBI governor. With Mission Rajan over, it seems the minister could finally get some well-earned rest!

But knowing of  Swamy's penchant for making enemies, how could he? Now, he has a new project at hand. After Rajan’s dismissal, the minister said on Sunday that his next ‘project’ is to expose a group of bureaucrats loyal to Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi.

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Speaking of his last mission and happy with Rajan's decision, Swamy said that he did not understand all the hue and cry about the RBI Governor’s announcement to leave his post at the end of the term. He tweeted these in the morning:

Talking to ANI, Swamy said that Rajan made this decision in order to save his self respect.

“Was he getting a second term in the first place? How do we know that he was getting a second term? I have no information that he was getting a second term. So if he says he wants to go and wants to save his self respect, I have no problem. Let them pretend that he is giving up and going but as long as he goes, it’s good,” Swamy said.

In a series of letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Swamy had earlier demanded sacking of Rajan, arguing that he is not “fully mentally Indian” and had been sending confidential and sensitive financial information around the world.

Well, considering how Swamy takes on his rivals or the people he doesn't like, those '27 bureaucrats' need to get ready for the storm heading their way.