Weeks after several brave security personnel lost their lives while defending an Air Force base in Pathankot, another IAF official has been killed in Kolkata, in an incident that was completely avoidable.

The incident took place at 6.30 am when 21-year-old Corporal Abhimanyu Gaud was rehearsing for the Republic Day parade on Kolkata's Red Road. Although the road is closed for traffic during such rehearsals, an Audi drove in at full speed and hit the Gaud, knocking him down, as reported by NDTV.

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The driver sped on and stopped only after he hit a barricade. He then fled the spot after tearing the temporary number plate of the car. Coporal Gaud sustained severe injuries and was declared dead by doctors at a military hospital, DNA reported.

An FIR has been filed with the Maidan Police Station and the car has been seized by the police, as investigations are underway to capture the driver. 

All images sourced from Reuters