We've thrown around the words 'patriotic' and 'Indian' quite often. But what is it about India that makes us proud? The heroes that this country can boast of. And yet, what do we do to express this pride and patriotism we feel?

Akshay Kumar's new Being Indian video holds us by the shoulders and shakes us into realizing that our brand of social media 'involvement' is not far removed from simply not caring - and rightly calls it "Armchair Patriotism". He reminds us that Mahatma Gandhi and Aryabhatt were only a few of the great individuals that this magnificent country created. There are countless others that never got anything in return for their tremendous and selfless contributions to the people of the country. Not even our attention.

His new film, Airlift, inspired by real events, tells the story of such Indians who risked everything to conduct one of history's largest evacuations and save thousands of Indian lives. A thrilling story that is bound to light a spark of patriotism in your heart.

Watch the moving video here:

This may have been clever marketing for Airlift, but we even don't care. Kumar's message in the video was powerful enough to stir the deshbhakt in us. Thank you, Akshay.