In a first of its kind, all Dutch electric trains in Netherlands are now powered by wind energy, reports the Guardian.

According to the report, Dutch electricity company Eneco was offered the deal by national railway company, NS in 2015. Setting 2018 as the date by which all NS trains should run on wind energy, the two companies signed a 10-year deal.

One windmill running for an hour can power a train for 120 miles and NS operates over 5,000 trips in a day.

Brightvibes informs that the Dutch have had a long history of using wind energy for various other aspects such as draining land covered by water with help of windmills.

Eneco says the power utilised by trains comes from the newly built wind farms in Netherlands. Belgium and Scandinavia.

While this initiative reduces the release of CO2 released in the air, NS aims to further reduce consumption by 2 per cent every year in order to put an energy efficient program. 

(Feature image source: Reuters)