Amazon wants its Kindle devices to be as close to paper as possible to give you the best e-reading experience. Very soon, you will be able to hold the 'thinnest and lightest kindle' ever, the company proclaims. The new Kindle Oasis will be Amazon's eighth-generation e-book reader and has been marketed with its visual and tactile appeal.

But priced at $289, the Oasis is the most expensive Kindle in years, which has come as a surprise to many.

Well, if you think of it, the new Oasis is more a luxury version of the Paperwhite pressed into a smaller form and lighter form (but will have similar 6-inch screen)

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Here are some other specifications which you will let you decide if it's worth the price:

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As of now, what software will Kindle Oasis use hasn't been announced. There were also rumours that the Oasis is waterproof (owing to its name) but the same has been dismissed.

 But if you are still willing to try out the new one, it is available for pre-order from today and ships April 27th.