Dear humans,

We've always been quiet.

We've never complained.

We've never said a word.

You keep us as pets,

We happily oblige.

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You keep us for your entertainment,

We obey.

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You keep us for your convenience.

We serve. 

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But what about us?

We suffer for your entertainment.

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We die for your selfies.

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You broke our hearts,

And we broke our bodies for you.

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We hope it was worth it.

We hope it gave you a few moments of happiness! 

You got us for your entertainment,

And you forgot about us.

We died alone. Every day.

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We were here long before you came.

You took our land,

You destroyed our homes.

But we were never complained.

We were okay to share the planet with you.

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But did you forget to share? 

You are smart, you are superior.

In a forgotten corner of your heart, there's kindness. There's mercy.

Please open that up, and you'll see our pain.

You'll read our silence.


You'll see that life was a burden that we just couldn't carry.

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If we are all born to live,

Then why is it that our fates are decided so soon?

If we are all born free,

Then why do we live in fear of being snatched away from our homes and families?


Our purpose isn't to hurt you.

But is yours that?

And for what?

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A few selfies?

A few Facebook likes?

A few Snap stories?

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Did we do something wrong,

To deserve the pain you've inflicted on us?

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To be kept away from our homes?

To be kept away from our families?

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To be taken to places where we can't survive?

To see our children taken away?

Tell us, please.

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We don't hate you,

We can't hate you,

We aren't made that way. 

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You have always had the option,

The option to emote, to feel, to choose.

So why not choose love?

Because you know we will love you back. 

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