"Wars do not determine who is right, only who is left."

The Syrian civil war is everywhere. The big people, the locals, the journalists, the politicians, the businessmen, the Indians, the Americans, the Russians — everyone is talking about it. My question is where are the humans who really care? Tears roll down as we stream one video after the other. We feel helpless. Our voices don't seem enough to fill the wounds of millions of Syrians. 

This is our tribute to them in the hope that something will change.

She peeked through her window, she could see,
Source: Eunews
They have forgotten to cry, there.
Source: Channel4News
Yes, we should be concerned.
Source: TheIndependent
“This is probably the last time you’ll hear from me.”
Source: b'Various Sources'
Little kids search for their families in suspicion,
Source: TheIndependent
You remember the face of that Syrian boy who sat on a chair?
Source: Metro
“If the Syrian children were to bleed oil, the World would rush to rescue.”
Source: TheIndependent
For us, it may have been just a city in Syria,
Source: TheIndependent
We watch, we listen to every video, every statement relentlessly,
Source: OpenSocietyFoundation
My tears won’t stop but what have they got anything to do with this?
Source: TheIndependent
This battlefield, their home, covered with foul smoke, gravely.

If you think this isn't an emergency, what is?