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Apr 29, 2016 at 18:46

Anupama Chopra Reviews ‘Baaghi’, Says Only Tiger Shroff’s Moves Make It Watchable

by Sabah Kazi

Baaghi, starring Tiger Shroff and  Shraddha Kapoor, which released today amid huge expectations is "a mostly ridiculous film" powered by...err, Tiger Shroff's poetry, says Anupama Chopra.

The script is hair-brained, where Ronny (Tiger) meets Siya (Shraddha) on a train. There’s a good-for-nothing, conniving, greedy father who keeps them apart. And a powerful villain who also falls in love with Siya..

Chopra says she is shocked how a film backed by A-list producer Sajid Nadiadwala and a top-notch studio like UTV is such a brazen copy! "There has been a lot of conversation about Baaghi being a copy of the blockbuster Indonesian action film The Raid: Redemption. But Baaghi’s romantic track is copied from a Telugu film starring Prabhas, called Varsham," she says.

About Tiger, Chopra says he is sincere and it's only his elegant action moves that manages to keep the viewers interested in this mish-mash of a movie. About Shradhha, Chopra says she was fun to watch but her character could have a lot more substance.

Baaghi will best serve people who are interested in moves rather than movies, she says. Watch the full review here:

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