Three weeks into the extreme cleansing of the nation's economy and the lines at ATMs still don't seem to be getting any shorter. The inconvenience demonetisation is causing the people of India cannot be ignored, by a long stretch. And as it turns out, the 'do it for your country, do it for the troops' argument cannot truly justify it either.

Among the many discussions about demonetisation that take place in most long lines outside ATMs, was one that really made us all think. One man made a remark that most supporters of this considerably mismanaged revolution, have used time and again - our soldiers in the army stand for long hours everyday to protect the borders, while we make a big deal of standing for a little longer in queues. What he didn't know was that he was speaking to an army vet himself. And his response shut everyone up.

Source: The Hindu

Lt. Col. Darshan Dhillon, a man that has served the Indian Army for 20 years was in line to withdraw pension money. When a man who Dhillon refers to as a 'Modi bhakt' tried to use the sacrifices of Indian soldiers as a tool to justify the suffering of the common man, he said:

"I did that on border for 20 years and [am] standing here to withdraw my pension on that account."
Source: Facebook via Darshan Dhillon
Source: Facebook via Darshan Dhillon

Dhillon, whose Facebook post about the incident is going viral, pointed out that regardless of what our brave troops are doing for the nation, the chaotic execution of our economy's massive clean-up is affecting everyone - the troops and their families - all the same.

Read Dhillon's complete post here:

Well, whether or not demonetisation will bear fruit for the Indian economy remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure - there really is no denying that the common man's suffering is equal and inescapable. And Darshan Dhillon's post is a pretty shocking reminder of that.