As Donald Trump was elected as 45th President of United States of America on Wednesday, there was a huge disappointment among Hillary Clinton's supporters and at the same time there were celebrations by Trump supporters across the world. In India, too, there was an atmosphere of excitement and anxiety.

Amidst all that, outgoing president of Times Now ran his prime time show under #RiseOfThe Right DEBATE. As always, in the presence of panelists like Sheshadri Chari, Sushant Sareen, Sudhir Mishra and few others, Newshour was conducted.

Source: b'Arnab Goswami'

Starting from condemning the liberals and leftists, to the comparison of failed schemes of Barack Obama and the Indian National Congress, here are the top takeaways of the show.

1. While replying to one of the panelists, Sushant Sareen, Goswami said," A leftist can never be a liberal and a liberal can never be a leftist. There is nothing called left-liberal, it is world's biggest oxymoron."

2. He said," When people like Hillary Clinton say that we will not use words like radical islamic terrorism, then that is appeasement to the Muslims in US." He compared her act with Indian state leaders like Mulayam Singh Yadav who also, according to Arnab, try their best to appease the Muslims

3. There were only a few moments when he condemned the elected president of the US. He said,"I have no love for Donald Trump because I feel he is a misogynist."

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3. Speaking on lack of respect for the nation, Arnab said," In India and US, it has become a fashion to disrespect the republic. The rise of the Right both in India and the US has as much to do with nationalism as anything else."

4.  "The Hillary camp must look within and ask themselves why they lost instead of crying over the result."

5. He called Hillary corrupt, pampered and untrustworthy member of a political and social elite.

6. Talking about the rise of the Right across the world, Arnab cited example of BJP winning 2014 elections and 2016 Assam elections.

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7. He said," In this country if anyone takes on Pakistan and people who eulogise Burhan Wani, he is called a 'sanghi'. It is the intellectual vacuousness of the pseudo-liberals who have no substance at all."

8. Focusing on the issue of inequality, Arnab said that the issue is prevalent both in US and India which is leading to resentment and has resulted in ending the reign of Congress government. He also said that the rich is becoming richer and the poor is getting poorer.

9. He also condemned American TV anchors who abuse on live television and call themselves liberals.

10. He compared Obama's food scheme and Congress's MNREGA, calling it a complete failure. "The poor are saying don't keep us poor and then throw us a dream," Goswami said.

11.  Liberalism has always been pro-working class, it has never been for poor people but for the rich ones. As far as the Left is concerned, it has lost its way, it has eroded its identity.

13. "The Right has become the voice of people and the leftists and the liberals have no right to complain on that." He also went to say that what the Left was meant to do, the Right is doing it today.