You remember Arshad Khan, don't you? Yes, the same chaiwala from Islamabad whose photo went crazy viral last week.

People from around the world were swooning over his beauty and his strikingly handsome features. 

Source: jiahkhanphotography

But a lot has changed for Arshad since we last heard of him. In addition to being virtually famous, the handsome man has already bagged a few modelling contracts and has started appearing on television talk shows as well. 

Recently he was on the sets of Good Morning Pakistan, a popular talk show, where the channel was giving him a makeover. And let us tell you that he looked absolutely dapper and we were spellbound. 

All the people who hated on him saying "he isn't that handsome, it's just the dslr" will change their view after seeing his true beauty. 

Doesn't he look surreal? 

Tell me he doesn't make you go gaga?

With a few cuts here and there, they had him looking exquisitely magnificent.

You can't deny that the man got some serious swagger.


See that smile. 

Just look at him. How can we not give credit where it's due? And this strain of handsomeness can only be justified if it's given it's fair share of praises. 

Source: GoodMorningPakistan/Facebook

Classist or not, we can't deny the beauty of this man!