Terming the terrorist organisation ISIS as the biggest threat to the mankind, AIMIM chief and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi called its members "dogs of hell".

"ISIS sent one of its suicide bombers to Medina...it is a fraud, an army of criminals...these people are dogs of hell ("jahannam ke kutte"), Owaisi said, addressing a protest meeting organised by the Muslim organisations in Hyderabad on Friday night.

"ISIS is not only a danger to the Muslims but to the entire mankind," Owaisi said.

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"We must accept the fact that ISIS is among us...but surely they are not related to Islam and it is our big responsibility to destroy them," the AIMIM MP said.

"The day a Muslim spots you, remember you would be cut to not one but 100 pieces," he said, referring to the ISIS chief Abu Bakr Baghdadi, asking how dare he sent suicide bombers to the holy city.

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The Hyderabad MP asked Muslim youth to live for Islam and not die for it. "I am telling you...educated youths amongst Muslims must give free tuitions to poor Muslims children. Rich among the Muslims should help in arranging marriages of poor Muslim women," he said.

He also hit out at BJP and RSS, saying while ISIS was the enemy of Islam, Sangh Pariwar was the enemy of secularism in India.

A resolution passed at the meeting said ISIS had nothing to do with Islam and its tenets, and its activities were meant to strike at the very roots of Islam.

"We, the Indian Muslims...strongly condemn this outrageous attack at Medina," it said.

The gathering also appealed to the youth to be wary of the propaganda of ISIS.

Recently, NIA had claimed to have busted an ISIS-linked terror module in Hyderabad with the arrest of some people.

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