It doesn't matter how old you are, birthdays are always special for all of us. From colourful balloons and frosty cake to that today-is-my-day feeling, everything about birthdays makes us happy beyond imagination. However, everything gets ruined when things don't go as planned, especially if you're throwing a party and nobody turns up. Heart-wrenching!

One such person is Hallee who was left alone on her 18th birthday last year because none of her friends showed up for the party.

Source: Facebook

Her cousin, Rebecca Lyn made an emotional appeal to the public for her Hallee's 19th birthday on Facebook, asking everybody 'to flood her mailbox with birthday cards'. 

Here's what the post reads like:

Hallee happens to have autism.

Her last birthday party wasn't a memorable one.

With Hallee’s 19th birthday approaching in July, Rebecca is asking everyone for a favor. 

This Facebook post has been shared more than 132,000 times. Let's wish her a cheerful and memorable 19th birthday.

*teary eyes*