Now there are some who cry only over spilt whisky - they are the ones who believe in living life drunk and are always found in an alcohol-abundant zone somehow. For those juicehead friends we have, what can be a better gift than something that's inspired by alcohol itself?

Even if there's wisdom in booze, it makes for a gift that's shortlived. So we have thought of some gift ideas that can help your boozehound loved ones drink better or make drinking look cooler.

1. Wine Bottle Glass

Source: lafdv

2. Candy Drinking Straws

Source: Homewetbar

3. Disposable Flask

Source: Bustle

4. Chemist's Cocktail Kit

Source: shopwiki

5. Wheel of Shots Game

Source: Urbanoutfitters

6. Naturally Infused Vodka Maker

Source: Homewetbar

7. Bracelet Flask

Source: uncommongoods

8. Bathtub Wine Holder

Source: etsy

9. Make Your Own Whisky Kit

Source: popsugar

10. Floating Drink Guard

Source: thegreenhead

11. Spin The Shot

Source: sanborns

12. Lager Beer Lollipops

Source: Twitter

13. Bourbon Marshmallows

Source: uncrate

14. One-Handed Bottle Opener

Source: Pinterest

15. Gin & Tonic Popcorn

Source: finedininglovers

16. Beer Can Handle

Source: Amazon

17. Hangover Tea

Source: dearaligrace

18. Deluxe Six-Pack Beer Belt Holster

Source: homewetbar

19. Personalised Mini Wine Bottles

Source: Pinterest

20. Wine Stem Glass Holder

Source: citygirlbites

Because, being cool never hurts.