Trust Baba Ramdev to always make news! When he's not showing his yoga prowess or talking about curing homosexuality with his postures, he's busy appearing at every event that matters. And the past few days have been particularly happening for him. If you've been keeping up with Babaji, or even if you haven't, you'd know of how he quite literally depicted a 'head over heels' kind of a situation, on the cover of India Today.  And just when the meme machines and troll kings were putting their quirky minds to rest, Babaji exploded the internet with yet another stint. He participated in a football match and once again the internet exploded with excitement. 

If you've missed this as well, then worry not! Here's a glimpse of some of his most awesome moves from the ground. 

Source: ANI

This match between Bollywood celebrities and politicians was being played for charity. While the cause was good, the visuals of Baba Ramdev sprinting and kicking all around the turf were even better. Wearing his usual saffron attire Babaji showed the world that his swagger is unmatchable. The very fact that his pictures are ruling the internet, in spite of celebs like Ranbir Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan, who were playing too, is solid proof that Babaji was in it to win it!

He kick-started the match in such style that it can totally leave the best of footballers scared, if not scarred. 

Source: NDTV

Not just the internet, Babaji also won Rishi Kapoor as a fan!  

Our very own Chintuji was so impressed by Babaji's skills on the field that he just couldn't help but give some advise to his son Ranbir, asking him to sign up Baba Ramdev for his football team. 


To be honest, we too believe that Ranbir should consider his father's advise, because there's no better combination of glamour and skills than Baba Ramdev! No kidding! 

After a magazine cover and some fiery footballing, what is it next that Baba Ramdev will bless us Netizens with? We can't even begin to imagine!