You probably remember the Punjabi aunty who made an armed robber wait till she was done drinking her chai and then, scared him away with the help of a craft knife. Time and again, we come across various such ordinary people who turn into extraordinary individuals with their incredible acts of self-consciousness (read: heroism). Well, here's another amazing incident of an everyday person who was courageous enough to respond consciously in the face of danger.

A 56-year-old Indian-origin woman named Hamalata Patel is gaining everyone's attention for her unparalleled bravery after she chased some robbers out of her shop with the help of a steel chair.

Source: Youtube

Patel, who owns the K and L Newsagent store in northwest England, tackled two robbers sporting balaclavas last week. This whole act was captured on CCTV camera and is going viral all over the web. She said to the Hindustan Times

The shop was empty when two lads walked in holding the machetes. They were shouting at me and I just told them 'if you need it then take it' but one of them banged the machete on the counter and started to damage the shop so I just lost the plot. 

The robbers, who eventually fled the scene empty-handed, were later identified as two teenagers, aged 16 and 14. They have been arrested and released on bail until October 19 by the Cheshire Police. Patel was further quoted as saying - 

They ran out of the shop and my husband who was in the back came out to see that I was okay. Word of what I’ve done is starting to get around the area, everyone knows what I’m like. I help out with people and charities and I care for people in the local area, but don’t ever cross me.   In a sense, I feel sorry for the two who came in but they have done wrong. I’ve been here for more than 30 years and I’ve never had anything like this before. We had an incident in 2011 when someone tried to break into the cash machine outside the shop when we had it. But no one was in the shop at the time so this was a lot worse.

Watch the video below: